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Study Business Courses in Australia

If you want to know how businesses operate, learn about management or develop your skills in a specialised area such as finance, you may be interested in pursuing studies in business and management. This is a well-developed field at Australian institutions, and offers overseas students many advantages, such as work experience opportunities and global qualification recognition.

The business and management field is a very popular choice among students, both domestic and international.

Career insights

Business and management is a very broad field in terms of career opportunities. Most graduates find work in the various branches of business, such as finance, human resource management and marketing. They are employed in many different workplaces — from government departments and banks to professional services firms, book publishers, fashion houses and the headquarters of fast-food chains. Some graduates even go on to start their own businesses.

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource (HR) Managers create, manage and coordinate strategies, policies, programs and systems that ensure ongoing suitability of staff within an organisation, as well as concentrating on staff wellbeing.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers plan, execute and measure an array of strategies with the objective of supporting business growth. They acquire new customers and grow existing revenue streams through research, analysis and marketing campaigns. Campaigns are comprised of online marketing tactics including email marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Pay Per Click (PPC); as well as offline tactics such as print, radio and TV advertising and direct mail.

Finance Manager

Finance Manager is responsible for managing and improving the finance department; managing the budgeting, reporting and forecasting process; supporting & coordinating risk management strategies; providing financial support, guidance and analysis to the CFO and Board of Directors; and producing in-depth Cash Flow forecasting models.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers work with external partners to procure parts and raw materials needed to produce the product, create the inventory, and sell the product to outside markets. These professionals evaluate suppliers and negotiate contracts with vendors.

Business Development Manager

The primary objective of a Business Development Manager is to bring on board new customers. What form this takes will depend on the nature of the company. You’ll likely be looking to identify new markets, new partnerships, and new ways to reach existing markets.

Logistics Manager

Logistics Managers are responsible for the smooth flow of resources by overseeing the organisation, planning, distribution and transport of goods and products for businesses and organisations.